So guys, like the title said, two other wikis are now redirecting visitors to us. When this wiki was created by my fellow tumblr user Abeiramar in November of 2012, there are already three Monster Wikis in existence.

Why is that?

The only has two pages and hasn't been edited since.  A month after this wiki was created, I requested the wikia support to delete that one and redirect visitors of that wiki to us, mainly because I want to gather editors.  Back at 2012, the is the second hit on all the google searches I do, and sure redirects would increase the traffic this wiki receives.

Just yesterday, out of pure impulse, I have again requested the wikia support to close and redirect, this time, the  Now this wiki is the first of all Monster wikis in existence, but it only has 19 pages (compared to our current page count 81).  Now I did this because when you google "monster manga wiki/a" (try it now!), top hits refer to this wiki, and we are barely mentioned, partly because of our URL 'Obluda', which very clever but of lesser relevance to the search string.  Links from that wiki now redirect to us (thank you Dulce!).  Of course I have considered having the content from that wiki merged to us, but since you guys did already a very great job on the character articles, I shunned the idea and continued with initial plan.  Also, a user who edited that wiki promoted our wiki as a better wiki than the rest.  If you want a screencap of what he said I'll upload it.

Now the only other Monster wiki we have is the  This wiki is created by our fellow editor here VanSisean, in September 2010, and his on own efforts alone, created 37 lovely pages.  Alright, that's pretty much a big number to me, and it can't be doubted that those articles he made are of high quality.  I won't dare touch those pretty babies.

In closing

The redirects should increase our traffic, and together with the news of del Toro's plan on doing a live-adaptation of the series, visitors and editors might just flock in.  How's that for dinner?

Thank you for devoting some of your time in reading this crappy update.  Continue editing guys! 

The-resident-psycho (talk) 06:15, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

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