Season's Greetings Monster fans!

This is admin The-resident-psycho, and I'm inviting you all to contribute content for this wiki :)

There are still a lot of character pages that badly need your help, especially those minor characters that we don't usually talk about, like Christof Sievernich, Fritz Verdemann, Hans Georg Schuwald, Julius reichwein, and surprisingly, our lover boy from Prague Jan Suk.  Also, there's a bit of things to fix on grammar and wording on some articles, so if you can, please drop by and help us fix those.  I'm no grammar expert nor the other admin Abeiramar, so we're begging for your aid in here.

Also, we're doing the chapter by chapter summary of Another Monster,  and if you have read the report, please share your knowledge with us! We like this wiki to be as comprehensive as possible, and team effort is critical to the success of this wiki.

And, if you have Monster pics laying hidden on your computers, why don't you upload them here?

Merry Christmas Monster fandom!

The-resident-psycho (talk) 04:36, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

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