"Before I start, OST means: Original Soundtrack"

As soon as my computer is repaired, I'm planning to upload a new ost on youtube. I can't find that song anywhere on internet, so I want to record it myself. It plays in episode 72, when Roberto starts talking about how he met Johan, whilst choking Lunge. The soundtrack starts immediately after Roberto says: "One day, Johan appeared...". Another time is when Viera starts crying in the last episode while talking about twins with Tenma. 

Can anyone recommend me the title for that track. Since it's unreleased, I think I could give it a name. "Nostalgia" quite fits in my opinion, it's a very sad track and it somehow sounds like it indicates a sentimetality for the past. Any recommendation would be welcome. If we would all agree on someone's word, I would put that member in credits.

Also can anyone tell me more episodes where that track plays. I might have a little problems with cleaning it in audacity from episode 72 because in short gap downpour is heard in background. And in the last episode it is short played.

That OST is probably the most beautiful and saddest track from Monster in my opinion ;)    

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