This story is one that Franz Bonaparta made up on the spot during their book readings in the Red Rose Mansion.


It was a story of the King of Darkness and the Queen of Light…

Darkness and light were always fighting, but in fact, the King of Darkness loved the Queen of Light. When she lies down to sleep one night, he kidnaps her and brings her to his castle of darkness. But the Queen of Light begins to lose her shine, and is on the verge of death.  The King of Darkness realizes that this is because of the darkness, so he calls together all his servants to the ‘Room of True Darkness,’ and puts them in an eternal sleep. 

Next, he releases the Queen of Light from his castle, and the queen’s light returns bit by bit.  So the King of Darkness comes out into her light, growing smaller by the moment, lamenting his crimes and professing his love for her.  The instant he speaks his last word, he is nothing but a tiny black spot. 

The Queen of Light forgives and accepts the King of Darkness, and ever since, the Queen of Light’s body has a little piece of darkness in it…

The darkness has disappeared from the world, but if anyone should open the ‘door that must not be opened, which leads to the ‘Room of True Darkness,’ it would bring back the dark, and spark another terrible war between light and darkness…

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