Hotel versteck

Hotel Versteck is one of the few hotels in Ruhenheim , which was owned by Klaus Poppe.

Before the MassacreEdit

There is not much information about this hotel prior Grimmer and Lunge's visit. What is known is that Franz Bonaparta, working under his true name Klaus Poppe, stayed here to shield himself from the events happening around him while he is connected with high government officials doing his experiments.  He came to settle

a picture of Konrad, which by tradition Klaus Poppe shows to each customer that likes Konrad's jam.

down in Ruhenheim after The Liebert couple has been killed by Johan.

Visitors of the hotel would be invited to taste a jam made by his dear friend Konrad.  He is found dead in the woods by the couple who won the lottery.

A boy works as an errand boy for Klaus Poppe, Wim, whom he lectures about self confidence and helps him to get through his tough everyday life with his drunkard father and bully boys in the neighborhood.

The Hotel Versteck is one of the few tourist inns that is frequently preferred by visiting tourist.  The innkeeper from Hotel Bergbach often 

Old tourist couple and their "Grandson"Edit

Lunge and GrimmerEdit

Finding LudwigEdit



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