• VikingOtaku6


    September 3, 2014 by VikingOtaku6

    Just joined! Looking forward to interacting with all the members of the site... admin or not! X)

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  • FilipTheCrasher97


           "Before I start, OST means: Original Soundtrack"

    As soon as my computer is repaired, I'm planning to upload a new ost on youtube. I can't find that song anywhere on internet, so I want to record it myself. It plays in episode 72, when Roberto starts talking about how he met Johan, whilst choking Lunge. The soundtrack starts immediately after Roberto says: "One day, Johan appeared...". Another time is when Viera starts crying in the last episode while talking about twins with Tenma. 

    Can anyone recommend me the title for that track. Since it's unreleased, I think I could give it a name. "Nostalgia" quite fits in my opinion, it's a very sad track and it somehow sounds like it indicates a sentimetality for the past. Any recommendation w…

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  • FilipTheCrasher97

    Has anyone came to the idea that Ruhenheim might be Kaufbeuren, a city where is our beloved badass Reichwein from? I mean, just look at the pictures, those two towns are very similar. And Kaufbeuren is also in the south of Germany.

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  • The-resident-psycho

    I realised that we've had way too many categories and some have been overlapping one another, so I started overhauling how we categorise pages.  Here's how I prose to do it:

    I'm done with the character category. I'll update periodically about other developments.


    I had a little conversation with Abeiramar and she commented on some of the parts.  From what she's told me, I believe this is what she wanted:

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  • The-resident-psycho

    So guys, like the title said, two other wikis are now redirecting visitors to us. When this wiki was created by my fellow tumblr user Abeiramar in November of 2012, there are already three Monster Wikis in existence.

    The only has two pages and hasn't been edited since.  A month after this wiki was created, I requested the wikia support to delete that one and redirect visitors of that wiki to us, mainly because I want to gather editors.  Back at 2012, the is the second hit on all the google searches I do, and sure redirects would increase the traffic this wiki receives.

    Just yesterday, out of pure impulse, I have again requested the wikia support to close and redirect, this time, the …

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  • Mai Is Me


    February 5, 2013 by Mai Is Me

    So, hi, who ever's reading this. ^_^ I made a wallpaper, when I was bored, for this wiki. So, if an admin sees this and wants to use it they can feel free to, Of course, there's no pressure and I won't feel bad if they/he/she doesn't want to use it. If there is a wallpaper that they would like I can also make it for them, or just ajust the one I've already made if they feel it needs a little tweaking. :D 

    Here's the preview~ 

    I'm planning on contributing, but since I'm not finished reading and there are spoilers on this wiki I'm going to wait until I'm done. 

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  • The-resident-psycho

    This is admin The-resident-psycho, and I'm inviting you all to contribute content for this wiki :)

    There are still a lot of character pages that badly need your help, especially those minor characters that we don't usually talk about, like Christof Sievernich, Fritz Verdemann, Hans Georg Schuwald, Julius reichwein, and surprisingly, our lover boy from Prague Jan Suk.  Also, there's a bit of things to fix on grammar and wording on some articles, so if you can, please drop by and help us fix those.  I'm no grammar expert nor the other admin Abeiramar, so we're begging for your aid in here.

    Also, we're doing the chapter by chapter summary of Another Monster,  and if you have read the report, please share your knowledge with us! We like this wik…

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